Core Making

Our core-making capabilities give you the freedom to achieve complex designs. We use several methods during part casting.

  • Phenolic Urethane
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Shell
  • Cold Box
Core Making
Alliant Castings Green Sand Molding

Green Sand Molding

Hunter 20HLM

  • mold envelope dimensions 20″ x 24″x16″

Nobake Molding

Palmer Carousel:

  • Mold envelope dimensions 40″x46″x”28″
No Bake Molding - Alliant Molding Capabilities
Floor Molding

Floor Molding

  • Max mold envelope dimensions 84″x120″x48″
  • Manual
  • Low Volume
  • Max casting weight: 1700 lbs

Lost Foam Molding

General Kinematics Molding Line

  • Flask size 31 “x34”
  • Semi-Automatic (PLC controlled)
  • Low to Moderate Volume
Lost Foam Molding - Alliant Molding Capabilities
Melting Metal - Alliant Molding Capabilities


4 ABP induction furnaces

  • (3) 1-ton furnaces
  • (1) 200 lb R&D furnace